BUS 505 Week 1 Discussion Questions – New

BUS 505 Week 1 Discussion Questions – Strayer New

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Week 1 DQ 1
“Winning New Business” Please respond to the following:
• Analyze the list of common proposal mistakes discussed in Chapter 1 and determine which types of mistakes are probably the most commonly made. Explain your rationale. Then, discuss how you as a manager would work to ensure those who work with you are mindful of the common mistakes.
• Review the 10 characteristics of winning bids listed in Figure 1-1 and propose at least one more that would further describe a winning bid. Explain your rationale.

Week 1 DQ 2
“Anatomy of a Government RFP” Please respond to the following:
• Analyze the elements of a RFP and determine which section is the most difficult to correctly complete. Explain your rationale. Recommend at least two tips or practices that can be employed to simplify the process.
• Assume you have been hired by the federal government to redesign the RFP format that is referenced in Figure 2.1 in Chapter 2 of the textbook. Explain what changes you would make and why.