BUS 521 Week 5 Discussion Questions – Strayer University New

BUS/521 Week 5 Discussion Questions – Strayer New

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Week 5 DQ 1
“Brand Identity” Please respond to the following:
• Select two well-known companies from the same industry, and then analyze their identities / brand images by evaluating their differences and similarities. Determine what sets each core message apart from competitors.
• Evaluate how a company’s brand identity promotes customer loyalty and retention in terms of customer service, competitive price, communication, special treatment, and loyalty and rewards programs. Provide an example to support your evaluation.

Week 5 DQ 2
“Marketing Tactics” Please respond to the following:
• From the case study, evaluate Blendtec’s current marketing strategy in terms of how it engages target customers. Next, suggest two to three other marketing techniques / tactics requiring a limited advertising budget that Blendtec could consider in order to engage target customers.
• Interpret offbeat campaign. Next, select a company and analyze how its product or service can be suitable for an offbeat campaign. Provide at least three examples of how this tactic can attract new customers.