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CIS 408 Week 1 – 10 Discussion Questions – Strayer University New

CIS/408 Discussion Questions Week 1-10
A Graded Solutions
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CIS 408 Discussion 1

Lets Discuss the Windows Server 2003 install process including but not limited to components of the networking infrastructure and servers.

Please refer to the discussion announcement and the rubric for details on the 3 replies needed for full credit.

CIS 408 Discussion 2

Let’s discuss the good , the bad, and the ugly with TCP/IP. 🙂

Topics can include, but not limited, IP addressing, physical components of network data flow, and troubleshooting……

CIS 408 Discussion 3

This weeks discussion will focus on DHCP. Let us discuss the lease and renewal process along with configuration and troubleshooting DHCP in the enterprise.

Please be sure to post three replies as per the discussion requirements. Please refer to the announcement area and the syllabus for further details or email me directly if you have any questions.

CIS 408 Discussion 4

This week will will review and discuss everything and anything with the configuration, replication, and troubleshooting of WINS. 🙂

CIS 408 Discussion 5

Choose a topic from Chapters 1-6 and discuss with the class……

Be sure to post one substantial post and reply to two others, on multiple days, for full credit. Please refer to the announcements and the syllabus for further details if needed.

CIS 408 Discussion 6

Let us discuss DNS this week. Let’s focus on the installation and integration of DNS along with the troubleshooting.

CIS 408 Discussion 7

This week we will discuss cryptography, certificates, authentication, and IPSec in Windows Server 2003. Lets start with describing the types of cryptography…..

CIS 408 Discussion 8

This week we will discuss Remote Access and also availability in Windows Server. Let us start with the types of remote access and then move into clustering and scalability.

CIS 408 Discussion 9

This week we will discuss security, one of my favorite topics. 🙂

Lets talk about security configurations,network protocol security, baselines….and anything security in Windows Server.

CIS 408 Discussion 10

Let us discuss anything and everything about backups, recovery, BCD, and DR…..