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MKT 305 Week 1 – 11 Discussion Questions – Strayer University New

MKT/305 Discussion Questions Solved Week 1-11 – A Graded
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MKT 305 Discussion Questions with Detailed Answers

MKT 305 Discussions

Week 1 Discussion 1

“The Consumer Behavior Process and Changes” Please respond to the following:

• Describe a recent purchase that you made and illustrate the basic consumption process and how it relates to your purchase.
• Out of all the changes listed in Chapter 1, state which change has the greatest impact on business, society, and consumer behavior. Make sure to justify your rationale.

Week 1 Discussion 2
“Value and Consumer Behavior” Please respond to the following:

• From the case study, determine how to best communicate the perception of value of organic food to consumers in spite of a perceived higher price.
• From the case study, consumers say they will buy environmentally friendly products in surveys; however, very few will pay more for environmentally friendly or energy-efficient products. Analyze why consumers want to purchase these types of products but will not spend more money to purchase them. Then, recommend a strategy to change this behavior.

Week 2 Discussion 1
“Perception” Please respond to the following:

• Provide five examples of marketing stimuli (products, advertisements, environments) that you have been exposed to within the last 24 hours. Assess the two that caught your attention the best, and indicate why.
• Debate the ethics of sexually embedded advertising from a marketer’s and a consumer’s point of view.

Week 2 Discussion 2
“Comprehension and Cold Stone Creamery” Please respond to the following:

• Consider a famous celebrity who is a spokesperson or one that you think would be a good one. Explain how this source influences comprehension based upon the following characteristics:

o Likeability
o Attractiveness
o Expertise
o Trustworthiness
• Determine the factors that help Cold Stone Creamery remain innovative. Provide a rationale with your response.

Week 3 Discussion 1
“JetBlue Video” Please respond to the following:

• From the video, there were five types of involvement described. Provide an example of an involvement that you recently engaged in or do so on a continuous basis with a detailed explanation.
• Keeping the JetBlue video in mind, appraise how JetBlue implements the importance of the customer experience and emotions in flying. Based on your opinion, determine if your flying experience with JetBlue or another carrier met the customer experience and emotions in flying. Explain your rationale.

Week 3 Discussion 2
“VALS” Please respond to the following:

• From the e-Activity, share your results. Decide if you agree or disagree with the results and justify your reasoning.
• Apply the brand personality dimensions to two brands of your choice. Examine why the brands fit this particular brand personality and how it differentiates the product.

Week 4 Discussion 1
“Shopping for a New Apartment” Please respond to the following:

• Illustrate and explain two of the four functions of attitudes with your own examples.
• From the video, distinguish the different motivating factors in Jim’s apartment choice. Then think about a residency decision that you made either in the past or present and determine the motivation behind your choice. Explain your rationale.

Week 4 Discussion 2
“Message Appeals and Case Study 2-4” Please respond to the following:

• Recall two media sources you have recently viewed or heard (consider a magazine advertisement or commercial). Present two examples of message appeals. Provide a detailed description and judge if the appeal is effective for that product or company.
• After reviewing the case study, thinking like a marketer, suggest different ways that advertisers could counteract the effects of zipping and encourage consumers to watch commercials in real time.

Week 5 Discussion 1
“Culture Value” Please respond to the following:

• As we have read, culture affects the value of consumer behaviors. Consider the differences in American consumers versus consumers in a country of your choice. Contrast the value that consumers in these countries might typically desire in the following products:

o Automobiles
o Rolex watch
o Laptop computer
o A dinner at a national Steak House
o An iPhone
• Determine the socialization processes that have shaped your current product and brand preferences as a consumer. Give examples.

Week 5 Discussion 2
“Microcultures” Please respond to the following:

• Assess the challenges marketers face in targeting microcultures in the U.S. Then, evaluate one challenge that may be impossible for a marketer to overcome and provide a rationale with your response.
• From the video and exploring its products and services on its website, distinguish the microcultures that Flight 001 is targeting with the product lines it sells. Determine how Flight 001 reaches these microcultures and make additional suggestions on how it could reach other market segments that might find its offerings appealing.

Week 6 Discussion 1
“Group Influence” Please respond to the following:

• From the video, determine the group dynamics of the teen market and how marketers can influence this segment to make purchases.
• Imagine you were the manufacturer of cell phones targeting the teen market. Create a plan to utilize social media, social networks, and social networking Websites to influence this target segment to adopt your product.

Week 6 Discussion 2
“Households” Please respond to the following:

• From the e-Activity, determine the importance of how sex and age, and the older population impact consumer purchase decisions.
• From the e-Activity, analyze how the changes in households and families impact household decision making.

Week 7 Discussion 1
“Consumers in Situations” Please respond to the following:

• Taking into consideration an impulse purchase that you made, determine the behavior, temporal factors, and the situational effect(s) that motivated your purchase.
• Select a favorite retail establishment and determine the retail personality, the atmospherics, and the elements of the atmosphere.

Week 7 Discussion 2
“Decision Making” Please respond to the following:

• Think of a recent consumption experience that you have had by using the concepts found in the basic consumption process framework. Assess how the decision-making model introduced in Chapter 12 applies.
• Take a position on the ethical aspects of slotting allowances. Then, determine the impact to the consumer.

Week 8 Discussion 1
“Alternative Evaluation” Please respond to the following:

• From the e-Activity, pretend that you were really buying a car. Taking the Website that you visited into consideration, discuss the pros and cons of using this Website for alternative evaluation. Suggest how it could be more useful if you really were going to buy a car.
• Consider a recent purchase that you made. Decide if you used hedonic or utilitarian value in your decision purchase. Explain your rationale.

Week 8 Discussion 2
“Criteria Selection and Decision Rules” Please respond to the following:

• If you were the marketer of a green line of cleaning products sold in grocery stores, decide how you would use criteria selection to your advantage. Take two of the criteria selection and suggest how you would address them for this product line.
• Utilizing Exhibit 13.7 in the textbook, map out a major recent or past purchase that you made. Then, determine the noncompensatory rule that you used in your final purchase decision.

Week 9 Discussion 1

“Consumption and Satisfaction” Please respond to the following:

• From the first e-Activity, predict if this is going to be a growing trend. Explain your rationale.
• From the second e-Activity and the Chapter 13 Case, determine how eBay compares to other retailers. Then, suggest ways that eBay can improve its ACSI scores.

Week 9 Discussion 2
“Consumer Relationships” Please respond to the following:

• Describe a situation where you were not satisfied with a product / service and you brought it to the attention of the company with no resolution. Suggest different ways the company could have handled the complaint differently so that you were satisfied.
• It is a known fact that some companies sell consumer information to other companies. It is usually stated on the company’s disclosure form that it will “share” information with companies that it believes may be beneficial to you. Take a position, either from a consumer point of view or business point of view, and debate the ethics of selling consumer information to other companies.

Week 10 Discussion 1
“Consumer Misbehavior” Please respond to the following:

• From the video, discuss the ethical implications of Fiona’s actions. Then, assess how consumers’ moral beliefs and evaluations influence the choice to engage in consumer misbehavior.
• From the Chapter 16 case, determine the ethical aspects and motivation behind file sharing and music piracy. Propose what organizations can do to stop this behavior.

Week 10 Discussion 2
“Marketing Misbehavior” Please respond to the following:

• Take a position on whether marketing shapes or mirrors society. Explain your rationale.
• Take a position on whether marketing to children is ethical. Explain your rationale.

Week 11 Discussion 1
“Cyberbullying” Please respond to the following:

• From Case 5-1, a good portion of the time cyberbullying occurs on social networks such as In your opinion, determine if these networks are good for preteen and teenage consumers. Then, decide who is responsible for making sure cyberbullying does not take place. Explain your rationale.
• From Case 5-1, determine the benefits that would be derived if a marketer on a social network would take a proactive approach to combat cyberbullying. Then, propose measures marketers could implement to prevent cyberbullying.

Week 11 Discussion 2
“Looking Back and Ahead” Please respond to the following:

• Determine the single most significant lesson learned in this course. Discuss what it was and discuss why it was so important to you.
• Anticipate what major change(s) will occur in the world of consumer behavior over the next 10 years and how those changes will likely be addressed. Explain your rationale.