CIS 500 Week 3 Discussion Question – New

CIS 500 Week 3 Discussion Question – Strayer New

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Week 3 DQ:
“Business Intelligence Infrastructure”

Please respond to the following in not more than 250 words:
• Select a large international company and imagine that you are an IT organizational leader there. Do not repeat an example from the textbook or one that has been posted by another student.
• What benefits does that organization receive from its use of business intelligence (BI)?
• What costs does the organization face to support its BI initiatives?
• Suggest one way that the organization might makes its BI more cost-effective.
Then, follow up to one or more of your fellow students in substantive posts of up to 200 words that further the discussion. For example, you may support or politely challenge a post with your own insights or experience, make a suggestion, or ask probing follow-up questions.
Support all of your posts with explanations and/or sources, as appropriate.