CIS 500 Week 7 Discussion Question – New

CIS 500 Week 7 Discussion Question – Strayer New

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Week 7 DQ:
“Fraud and Risk Factors”

The textbook lists 4 fraud risk factors on page 288.
• If your last name begins with A-C, you are assigned: A high level of trust in employees without sufficient oversight to verify that they are not stealing from the company.
• If your last name begins with D-J, you are assigned: Relying on informal processes of control.
• If your last name begins with K-P, you are assigned: A mindset (belief) that internal controls and fraud prevention systems are too expensive to implement.
• If your last name begins with Q-Z, you are assigned: Assigning a wide range of duties for each employee giving them opportunities to commit fraud.
Please respond to the following in not more than 250 words:
• How would an auditor evaluate the level of risk the company faces from your assigned risk factor?
• Outline a policy that could counter this risk factor. Do not repeat an example from the textbook or one that has been posted by another student.
Then, follow up to one or more of your fellow students who were assigned a different factor in substantive posts of up to 200 words that further the discussion. For example, you may support or politely challenge a post with your own insights or experience, make a suggestion, or ask probing follow-up questions.
Support all of your posts with explanations and/or sources, as appropriate.