CIS 502 Week 6 Discussion Questions – Strayer University New

CIS/502 Week 6 Discussion Questions – Strayer New

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Week 6 DQ 1
“Computer Crime and Forensic Analysis” Please respond to the following:
• Provide two examples to distinguish the difference between what is considered a computer crime and what is not. Hypothesize why a person may commit a computer crime.
• Evaluate computer forensic analysis procedures and techniques, and describe a forensic analysis methodology you would conduct when a forensic case had been reported.

Week 6 DQ 2
“Incident Response and Compliances” Please respond to the following:
• Give an example of a recent well-known security incident and suggest the incident response procedures that the organization followed or should have followed to mitigate risk in regard to the example cited.
• From the e-Activity, decide if legislation and regulations have had the intended impact on the legal and ethical issues inherent in information security. Cite all sources.