CIS 505 Week 11 Discussion Questions

CIS/505 Week 11 Discussion Questions

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Week 11 DQ 1
Future Outlook. Please respond to the following:

• Of the numerous forms of communication technologies presented in this course, predict the first form of technology to be phased out by a newer and improved technology. Explain the limitations of this technology and the reason for its speculated obsolesce.
• Speculate the technology that will replace the previously mentioned technology above. Describe the features, capabilities, or basic advantages this technology will have over its predecessor.

Week 11 DQ 2
Course Wrap-Up. Please respond to the following:

• Discuss how you can apply at least four of the weekly course learning outcomes throughout this course to your professional or personal life.
• Select your favorite technology discussed in this course. Imagine today’s world without that technology. Explain the issues and impact this change would make.